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Websites & Branding


From brand concept development to launching your online presence, and everything in between, I can bring your vision to life. When we work together, I promise to give you more than a website. You can expect a wide range of solutions catered to your unique cause and strategic priorities.

Explore some of my work below. Click on the images to expand and learn more about my specialities.

BuILding your brand

Building a brand is more than creating a logo. It is about building a relationship. It is about identifying your values and goals as a an organization and understanding the audiences that you are trying to connect with. How your audience thinks, feels and behaves after interacting with your brand is a key factor in mobilizing your mission.

User Experience

I help you organize and communicate your content in ways that are easily digestable and informative for your audiences, through a seamless navigation experience and design. I also take into account how easy it is to update on your own if that is your goal and provide training as part of my packages.

Search Engine Optimized

The internet is a crowded space. As part of all my websites, I ensure your website is properly indexed by search engines, helping your clients find your cause.

User friendly and dynamic platforms

I specialize in Squarespace and Wix, because they offer my clients the most user-friendly, design-centric, content flexible, and easily managed platforms on the market today. Fewer extra plug-ins, greater integration, seamless user experiences makes life easier for you and your audiences happy. 

Custom Email and Domain Integration

I help you get the best price for your domain hosting service so that you can find and make your home on the internet. I specialize in Google Workspace and offer my clients multiple ways based on their budget to send and receive emails from their custom domain.

As a Circle member, I can offer my clients savings and perks on all Squarespace products and plans. 


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