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Knowledge to action

through web design, research & communications
& Branding

Supporting you in developing your brand voice and identity in order to meaningfully connect to your unique audiences.

Designing & developing custom and eye-catching websites and graphics to promote your story. 

Harnessing the most user-friendly tools and building internal capacity so you can better manage and maintain your knowledge assets.

Helping you tell your story to mobilize your mission

Communications & Knowledge MOBILIZATION

Mobilizing stories and communicating complex ideas in plain language to bridge the gap between research and practice​.


Designing & writing communications and educational products newsletters, infographics, story maps, presentations, brochures, booklets, posters, training curriculum, and more.

Translating complex ideas in creative and impactful ways

research & Evaluation

Gathering new and existing knowledge to develop and evaluate programs for greater impact.

Offering creative and useful research-based solutions to solving client needs.

Respectfully connecting Indigenous and non-Indigenous knowledge systems for greater learning and action.

Gathering knowledge for advancing learning and action​


I communicate big ideas through

stories, images and data 


Website Design & Development

Branding & Marketing

Graphic Design


Knowledge Mobilization

Knowledge Management



Summary Report Writing


The mission of Mobilize Knowledge Consulting is to provide creative, tangible and relevant solutions to complex problems. Whether it's building a website that is modern, dynamic, on brand, and easy to manage, creating eye-catching, research backed and informative infographics, brochures and summaries, or working with clients to evaluate their programs and systems in ways that are directly informative and actually used, Mobilize Knowledge Consulting has you covered.



I'm Molly. I started Mobilize Knowledge Consulting to help individuals, communities and organizations harness creative and effective tools to understand, connect and communicate meaningfully with their audiences in order to advance their mission. 

A passion for making a difference

My work across various sectors and countries and with diverse partners, from large funders, international NGO and UN organizations, First Nations communities, and small non-profits and businesses allows me insight into multiple perspectives to effectively communicate mission, ask the right questions, and activate supporters.

Key areas of experience:

  • Climate Change & Food Security

  • Health & Wellness

  • Gender Equity

  • Homelessness & Public Safety

  • Environment & Conservation

  • International Nutrition

To mobilize

is to act upon
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